49 Ways to Make a Living in the Philippines

49 Ways to Make a Living in the Philippines

49 Ways to Make a LivingOrder Today! Now just $24.99

Are you thinking of retiring in the Philippines, or even thinking of making the big move before retirement age, like I did? If so, you may be in need of making some additional money while living here to keep you living a good life! If so, this books is for you!

I earn more here than I ever earned while living in the USA!. Let me show you how you can also earn a living here! It isn’t as easy as just going and finding a job (unless you want to earn $5 a day or so), but I can show you how to earn good money in the Philippines! When you buy my book, you will get 49 great ideas on what you can do to earn money while living in the Philippines! This book is available as an electronic book that you can download immediately after paying.

49 Ways to make a living in the Philippines, by Bob “MindanaoBob” Martin

Tommy recently purchased this book, and here is what he said about it:

Bob’s e-Book “49 Ways To Make A Living In The Philippines” is exactly what the doctor ordered! There is so much real and genuine information on starting additional revenue streams from day one. I implemented 3 of these ideas in the first week and I am seeing a huge increase in my Google Ad Words campaigns. I am a marketing executive with over 13 years experience and what Bob has done is he has isolated a brilliant way of making real money for hard workers in the Philippines. I couldn’t be happier! Thanks Mindanao Bob!

Tommy Seilheimer West Chicago, IL USA

You know, if you hang around many expats who live in the Philippines, or even visit expat forums on the Internet, there is always one thing that you hear on them. What is it? “You can’t earn money in the Philippines!” Well, I am here to tell you that such a statement is simply not true! A lot of people also say: “The best way to earn a small fortune in the Philippines is to arrive with a large fortune.” Well, that does happen to a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to happen to you! I have been living in the Philippines since May 2000, and since 2002, I have been earning all of my income right here in the Philippines! You can do it too, but you must learn how to do it. It is not something that comes easy. I came to the Philippines with a load of money, and I spent it a lot more quickly than I thought I would! When the well was almost dry, I had to face reality. I had two choices:

    1. Go home.
    2. Learn how to earn a living in the Philippines. 

Checking Account StatementI chose #2! And, I succeeded! It took a lot of learning, and a lot of work, but I figured it out. Now, I want to help others learn how to earn a living in the Philippines. What? You think that I am not being honest? Let’s have a look at a couple of my bank statements:  This Bank Statement shows that my income that was deposited into my checking account was $19,117.66 for this particular month. Bank Statement 2 Here is another bank statement showing a monthly income of $20,750.73

A few people have questioned me on these bank statements.  They say that it is not real, or something fishy is going on because I am moving out all or nearly all of the money every month.  This account is where my earnings are deposited by the credit card processor that I use.  I do not leave the money in this account, I move it to accounts that earn interest and other investments.  I assure you that the amounts are real, and nothing unusual is happening because of the amount of the withdrawals.

Now, the truth is that I don’t earn $19,000 to $20,000 each and every month, but also it is not too uncommon to earn that kind of money. At the minimum, I would say that my earnings are about $12,000 per month, and I have earned figures a lot bigger than what you see in the photos of my Bank Statements above. All of these earnings are made right here in the Philippines too. I don’t have any kind of retirement or Social Security. No annuity. No earnings in the USA (or any other country) at all. Heck, I’m only 51 years old – too young for any retirement anyway! Do you want to live in the Philippines and earn money like this, or even just enough to fund your lifestyle here? I can show you how!

Order my book today, and let me share with you 49 different ways that you can earn a living right here in the Philippines! What kind of ideas do I offer? Well, you know (I’m sure) that I make my money online, all through the Internet. However, I know that some of you are not computer gurus, or may be uncomfortable using a computer. Because of this, I offer ideas that are Online, Offline and also Hybrid ideas that are a combination of online and offline. I believe that the ideas that I offer are perfect for anybody! And, by the way, you don’t have to be an Internet Guru to make money over the Internet! You’ll discover that after reading my book! If you order the book, you can download the book immediately after paying.

Money Back GuaranteeI offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – if you buy the book and find that it is not what you expected, just let me know, return the book and you will get 100% of the purchase price refunded to you! If you have been reading my various Websites for any length of time, I think that you know me and trust me. I am not offering pie in the sky, and I am not out to take your money. I want to provide you value, a real shot at being able to live in the Philippines and to be able to earn a living right here! Let me help you find the lifestyle that you are looking for! Order today, now just $24.99, and you can download it immediately after payment is made!

Order Today! Now just $24.99


  1. Does not describe size of book. It could be only a 3 page flier. Also does not show that 49 ways really work. As there is no Guarantee or reader testimonials, it could be a bad value. If you had a qualified promoter like news agency or magazine putting their reputation on the line I would buy this book much faster. (49 Ways to Make a Living in the Philippines) Are there any number of people reporting a reliable income derived from following this books ideas? Thank you!

    • Bob Martin says:

      Hi Darrell – The book is over 100 pages. Perhaps you don’t know who I am, I am not sure. I operate some of the biggest and most popular websites in the Philippines. One of my sites, Live in the Philippines Web Magazine, is the biggest site for foreign expats living in the Philippines, and has thousands of readers each day. I would say that my reputation is well known, and is on the line in putting my books out.

      I have lived in the Philippines for 10 years, and have no kind of income or pension other than what I earn on the Internet, and I make more money now than I ever did when I lived in the States.

      Here are some reviews that you can find online from others who have read the book:
      Retire in the Philippines Now
      Philippines Books
      Small Press Blog

      You may also check here for an article I wrote myself about the book.

      I hope this helps you.

      • Dennis Oszuscik says:

        I have a wife and a home there and i’d like to know how do you get a bank statement in US Dollars when I get mine in Pesos. Thank makes me think is this true what you say. Second the amount of money you say is hard if you are getting it in money pay out there as to getting money pay out from outside the country that is why most of the kids in the family go overseas to make money.

      • Hi Bob I am coming over to the Philippines for Christams to see my fiancee!
        I am looking to move over here and would like to purchase your book but I have some questions first, if I ever have an accident with the device the book is stored on will I be able to get a replacement copy of it for free, it’s just I use my iPad a lot and I know how easily it can be dropped and broken?

        I need to earn money now while in the uk then move out there next year, if I need any help are you willing to help me as this is my last hope to be able to stay in the Philippines with the love of my life and my unborn child!
        I need to be over here in the Philippines by the beginning of May 2015!

        • MindanaoBob says:

          Hi James – From time to time, people who buy my various books loose the file, their computer crashes or whatever the reason… they need another copy. I am always happy to work with them to make sure that they get a replacement. That is not a problem. Anytime you contact me, I am always happy to help, no matter what the issue is.

          Enjoy your Christmas visit!

          • I have sent for you book and payed not been able to download the book no link came up!
            I will send you the recept number from pay pal if you like?

          • MindanaoBob says:

            Hi James,

            I saw your comment in which you said you did not get download links for my book. At the time of your purchase, you were sent to a webpage that said “Thank You” and there was a download link on that page, you must have overlooked it. I am sorry that you have been inconvenienced.

            I just emailed you a copy of the book to this e-mail to make it easy for you to get the book. If you do not see the email and book in your email inbox, please check your SPAM folder in case it was directed there by mistake (I have no control if your email provider classified the mail as spam). Again, I apologize that you were inconvenienced by not noticing the download link.

            Thank you very much for your purchase, and enjoy your book.

          • I just had that happen ( HD crash ) and Bob quickly gave me another copy of the book I bought.


          • MindanaoBob says:

            I was happy to help you, Keith!

  2. Hi bob i read a lot of your stories and go on the site about every day just wondering if the cost is us dollers for your books as although i may not get to the phillipines in the near future to live i think that your advise on matters such as earning a living ect would be indespensable as you are the one living there not me and as they say knowledge is power so the more i have about living there the easier it will be when i do get there
    regards chris

    • Bob Martin says:

      Hi Chris – Yes indeed, all prices shown are in US Dollars. The book really can apply toward earning a living anywhere in the world, both on the Internet and non-Internet ways. I titled it “in the Philippines” because this is where I live, and most who follow me are interested in living here. But, as I said, it can really be used anywhere int he world!

      Good luck to you, my friend!

  3. Wow.. I will order this book. I want to move to Cebu in a few years. I am only 31 and have no retirement plan lol

    • LLOYD SOLIS says:

      Hello Todd:

      Cebu is a good alternative, and I commend you for your plan on moving to Cebu…. cebu can be both super cosmopolitan, as well as tranquilly peace and quiet…. It is in the middle of the country, so the transportation distances to most parts of the country is very accessible. There are still a million thing more I can say about Cebu, but I will leave that to you to discover….. Regards and maajong pagbisita sa among yutang pinangga….

      Baltimore, Maryland

  4. $49 is about £30, which is extortionate for a 100 page book! I would pay maybe £5 for it.

    • Bob Martin says:

      Ha ha… Rob, I’m not selling paper, so it really doesn’t matter how many pages the book is. What I am selling is information which you can use to make tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. There are not many expats who can earn much money in the Philippines, but I have, and I do it every day. I would not consider selling it to you for £5 because it is worth much more.

      Good luck to you.

  5. I am a fanatic reader of your website for just a month now I found it so interesting & very informative. I’m interested to have a copy of your book “49 ways to earn a living in the Phils.”. Is there a chance to have a hard copy of it? Aside from online payment, what is the other way to pay you? I’m coming home this month, maybe I could pay you by bank transfer when I reach Manila, and upon receipt of my payment you can send me the book by courier. You can add on the courier charges with the cost of the book, no problem.

    Thank you, and please advice.

    • Bob Martin says:

      Hi Edwin – Sorry, but I only offer electronic copies of the book, no hard copies any longer. I would be happy to take payment by Western Union, or bank deposit while you are in the Philippines, and I can e-mail you a copy of the book.

  6. I am a fanatic reader of your website for just a month now I found it so interesting & very informative. I’m interested to have a copy of your book “49 ways to earn a living in the Phils.”. Is there a chance to have a hard copy of it? Aside from online payment, what is the other way to pay you? I’m coming home this month, maybe I could pay you by bank transfer when I reach Manila, and upon receipt of my payment you can send me the book by courier. You can add on the courier charges with the cost of the book, no problem.

    Thank you, and please advice.

    • Bob Martin says:

      Bruce – I can provide you with a printed copy, but I would charge $10 more for that, because it is an eBook, and I’ll have to go out and have it printed and bound for you. I can take online payment, Western Union, Bank Transfer, whatever would be convenient for you.

  7. Hi bob i read a lot of your stories and go on the site about every day just wondering if the cost is us dollers for your books as although i may not get to the phillipines in the near future to live i think that your advise on matters such as earning a living ect would be indespensable as you are the one living there not me and as they say knowledge is power so the more i have about living there the easier it will be when i do get there
    regards chris

    • Bob Martin says:

      Hi Bruce – I believe that the information I provide in the book is valuable, and can help you earn a good living here.

  8. $49 is about £30, which is extortionate for a 100 page book! I would pay maybe £5 for it.

    • Bob Martin says:

      I can assure you, Bruce, I would not even make the effort of writing it for £5. The book can help you earn enough money to live on, and that’s only worth £5 to you?

  9. Bob’s book, ’49 Ways…’ is a great read, simple and concise, and worth every penny. Connsider this an investment, not an expense. That said, if you are not into working hard, not being creative, and not being relentless, this book is not for you, none are. You reap what you sow, in this book, and in life. Books may be the most underrated purchase in history, as they can provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment and knowlege, and dare I say, wisdom. Bob’s books are great, in the right hands. But like any book, the pages must be opened, and so must the mind. With books, cost should not equate with quantity.

    • Bob Martin says:

      Hi Mike – Thank you for your nice comment. I am happy to know that you found my book useful! Good luck in all of your endeavors!

  10. David Potts says:

    I would be very interested in knowing anyone who has used any of Bob’s 49 earning ideas in the Philippines and what level of income has been achieved?
    David Potts August 2010

    • Bob Martin says:

      Hi David – I don’t know if anybody will reply, as this is more of a sales site, and people don’t come here unless they are looking to buy something… but I welcome anybody who has purchased the book to leave their comment. I have sold a lot of this book, and have heard a lot of positive feedback. I’ve gotten a couple of negatives back too, I’ll be honest. But, with the number of copies I’ve sold, it is only natural that it is not for every single person. And, as I recall, I’ve had only about two negatives about the book.

  11. I suspect your two negative opinions on your book are solely due to user error! It only works for those who have a sense of creativity (as entrepreneurs have) and are willing to work at it, hard.

    Not everyone has the creative edge. That’s why this book is not for everyone. You provide the direction and the reader must supply the work. That’s why most people are better off doing the 9 to 5 while others are more apt to try the hard road with great risk but possibly great rewards.

  12. Bob Martin says:

    Hi Mike – Ha ha… you might be right on that one, i can’t say for sure. I am glad that the book has given you some ideas, though, on how to make money! Good luck on your continued success.

    • Gunnar Eli says:

      he is … I would have loved to have some genius next to me and show me the 1st steps

      but even when these internet guys offer help they just ask for more money :)
      or at least thats my story …

      anyway .. found your site just looking around for ideas .. ( tired of my own land … )


  13. Bob, is this a “How to” with directions and a road map book that shows the reader proven ways they can apply the methods immediately and start making money?

    Or is it more generalized where the user must think up creative way to market items, and then must find marketable items and you give them pointers (but not exact specifics) on how to do it?

    I prefer a set or predictable, repeatable steps that work over and over to varying degrees of success.

    I’m not saying I expect someone to do the actual work for me, but for the cost of the book, it should give me more than generalized information and should give step by step specifics that are repeatable.

    Techniques that the buyer can use repeatedly to make money.

    Can you comment?


    • Bob Martin says:

      Hi Peterson – Actually, I would say it is both. The book gives you 49 specific ways to earn a living in the Philippines. Products to sell, services to offer, etc. These are things that I have done myself in most instances, or a few that I know other people have done. It also gives you ideas on how to “think outside the box” be creative and come up with other ways to earn money.

  14. Hi Bob,
    I would be interested in getting your material, and was wondering if there would be any reason I couldn’t transfer it to a flash drive once I received it, so I could have it when I go to the Philippines. Thanks,


    • Hi Rex – The book is a PDF file, and once you have it you can put it on any kind of drive you wish. No problem on a flash drive! :smile:

  15. Hi Bob,
    I’m interested in getting your ebook for my wife. I’m here in the Philippines now and would like to pay in Php for bank deposit. Email me details if possible. Thanks. Fernando

  16. Hi Bob:

    I just bought your book. I consider myself to be a bit more tech savy than the average TEDDY BEAR. At the age of 71+, your book presented many ideas about how to use the Internet in ways I had never thought of, or even thought possible. I have been playing with computer since I was a young sprout of 20.

    I have been reading your blog for over 2 years. Have not communicated with you before.

    I send stuff to Dave, on an intermittent basis.


    • Bob Martin says:

      Hi Fred! Thanks for your purchase! I am very happy that you found some good new ideas in the book! It is amazing some of the stuff that you can do on the Internet! I guess that what we can do is only limited by our imaginations!

      Good luck to you!

  17. Ralf ( Germany ) says:

    Hi Bob,

    I am interested in your products and the books, so I will order next time.
    Well, I am to young for retire now (48), but I stayed in Davao and Samal 3 months in
    2009 and 4 months in Manila, Subic, Olongapo in 2008.
    Davao is the place I want stay the rest of my life, but needing a small business to
    survive there because my savings will not reach until I get a pension.
    I am looking for just a simple life, native style.Just a small bamboo house for rent, no need
    flowing water or electricity there and cooking with coal or wood.
    I love this kind of simple life but the simplest life needs a small money….
    Today I am learning Filipino language.
    What I want to do is open a little barbecue restaurant like sarisari store.
    By the way, my wife is from Davao, we are living here in Germany since 12 years but want go back soon to the Philippines.
    Maybe we meet each other there one day.
    For now maraming salamat po or in Davao dakhan salamat


    • Bob Martin says:

      Hi Ralf – Daghang salamat sa imong comment! Thank you! Yes, you can certainly enjoy a simple life here in Davao, and my book will help you in figuring out how to set up a business that will keep the bills paid! I wish you the best of luck with your plans!

    • Jonathn Young says:

      Hello Ralf;
      This is a bit late since you wrote in 2010. Am wondering if you are here in the Philippines and in Davao.
      Like to link up with you for possible farming business if you are interested. I am already 70 yrs. old but I still do some business here in agriculture.
      I can use a younger person interested in the simple life.
      Jonathan Young

  18. johny dil says:

    Well… I guess one of the way to make a living in the Philippines is to write and sell an eBook !
    Bob, generally speaking, excellent work, you are helping many people here and there.

  19. blair groves says:

    Hi Bob. I have sent you questions in one of your blogs and you were always right on the mark with your answers. I have spent time in manila, and also calbayog samar and iam in the process of buying a home in calbayog. I will be purchasing your book and i know your info will be priceless. I know through experience now that what you have told me in the past was valuable info. thank you again.

    • Bob Martin says:

      Thank you very much blair. I try to always be accurate with any information I share with people who ask, and I am glad that you found my answers accurate! Let me know anytime I can help you.

  20. Bob, I have to say that $49.00 US is a lot for a shelf help “type of book”. I own many. But I must state that if your book make me money then I will see it as a worth while investment. My question is this, have you up dated this book to keep up with the times? We are now at the end of 2011 and a lot has changes in the last few years. I have a very good job yet I am looking to work for myself.


    • Hi Jonathan – Yes, of course I update the book as the times call for it. If you actually do the things in the book, then $49 is cheap, because you can make a good amount of money by following the suggestions.

      Take care.

      • where are the people that got your book i havent been reading where anyone has made money from buying it ???

        • MindanaoBob says:

          Hello Carl – Maybe they are too busy running their businesses to leave a comment. I do sell many copies of this book, and get e-mails from lots of happy readers.

  21. Hi Bob,

    I do plan on ordering after the first of the year (I get my Xmas bonus the first payday in January)

    I have a few questions.

    1. If I order the Arbitrage set, is it at all possible to substitute one book? I really have no use for the immigration guide since I have that stuff nailed down already.

    2. Are these eBooks printable? Often times I like to print pages from eBooks for markup etc, but often they are locked down and do not even allow printing or use of the adobe markup features

    I will be settling in the Bulacan area in the near future, so if if you need any contacts there, I would be happy to work with you at some point if you ever want to expand your business model.


    • Bob Martin says:

      Hi Joe – Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, I would be happy to substitute a book for you if you purchase the Arbitrage Pack, no problem at all.

      And, no problem on the printing either, the books are fully printable if you choose to do so.

      Please let me know any time I can assist you, Joe, it would be my pleasure.

  22. Hi Bob,

    I’m from Singapore and fall in love with the Philippines ever since I first visited in 2008. I have always wanted to start something in the Philippines but just didn’t take enough time to research on it. Right now, I’m commited to work hard and be really serious about it and that’s why I wanted to buy your book cos you are someone who have been there, done that.

    But something is holding me back and it’s this. I hope I’m not buying something which just states:

    1) Do this, Do that and you’ll make it..
    2) Step 1, go to…Step 2, how to register a blog/website/or anything online…Step 3, click on this, click on that…
    3) Affiliate merchants site (Click Bank, Commission Junction, Amazon…and the likes…) how to register and find products…you know what I mean…

    Are your ideas feasible even though I’m not in the Philippines now?

    Hmm, little suggestion. Why don’t you put a few sample pages of your book on this site which will make many people (and you) easier and happier.

    • Bob Martin says:

      Hello Zaahir – I offer a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. So far, I have been selling this book for about 4 1/2 years, and I have given one refund that I recall. I sell many copies of the book every week too. If you don’t think the information n the book is what you want, just let me know and you get 100% of your money back.

      I can assure you that my book is nothing like you described. It is ideas for different types of business.

      I do not put up samples of the book for one reason… I have 40 blogs on the Internet. My Live in the Philippines site contains more than 2,000 articles that I wrote myself. I think I have so much of my writing out there that you can get a very good idea of what my writing style is like.

      Thanks for asking, Zaahir. Have a great day!

  23. Zaahir Ng says:

    Hi Bob,

    I purchased the book based on your reply to me.

    Sadly, it isn’t what I’m looking for while I browse through. I just bought the book about 10 mins ago.

    Please refund me 100%

  24. hi bob,
    am just 29 years i live in japan…i want to come and retire in davao city with my wife…although i buy 2 house there already…i own a bar here in japan…i want to ask if a bar businness is good in davao to open or maybe a nyt club?pls advice me…am waiting for ur respond

    • Bob Martin says:

      Hi Danny – Thanks for writing in with your comment. Just like with other businesses, it just depends. Some bars are popular, others are not. It depends on whether the people like your place.

  25. Hi bob i am interested in your book and was wondering on the best way to get a hold of it, very interesting and looking forward to reading it, My fiance will be in manila next wednesday and will be leaving thursday night to return to australia with her new fiancee visa, and is there any chance she can get hold of the book prior to her coming to australia, just a thought i had, she is currently in Cagayan de oro and leaving there nest wedneday for manilla.
    If its a possibility it would be nice to get a hold of it or is it just as easy for it to send it to australia.

    • Bob Martin says:

      Hi Bill – The book is an electronic book. You can order it, pay, and download immediately. You can have the book in the next 5 minutes no matter where you are in the world, it’s that easy!

      Let me know if I can assist you, my friend.

  26. Well, this has been an interesting month. I got chatting with a Filipina close to my age, took an interest in the possibilities of moving to RP because it is so difficult to bring someone to my country, and she invited me to visit, and discovered Bob Martin.

    I read some of the comments from people here and decided to buy the book out of curiosity. I downloaded it maybe half an hour ago and have only scanned through as far as idea 35.

    My honest opinion? Some of these ideas might seem impractical or difficult, but I have found maybe five so far that I could possibly set up now cheaply using resources at hand – and oddly, that I had already thought about this week. And not just in the Philippines, some of these ideas are easily global.

    There are others that would take more work, but are feasible. Bob states that these are mostly businesses that he has tried and had some success in. Onve you look though the book you’ll see how this is possible.

    I suspect none of this is of the get rich quick with no effort style of enterprise. In fact, I would guess that most is get rich slowly but relatively surely. that said, it is well worth the price, just to have on your virtual bookshelf. There are no step by step guides, but it is all stuff that you can either learn on the net, or pay a consultant to teach you. From comments on this blog it seems Bob is happy to take on some consulting – for his usual fee.

    As a related matter, I also downloaded and have ‘scan read’ Bob’s Live Like A King book. So much information that I have been digging out piece by painful piece from the Internet for the last month, and it is all there in simple easy to follow style.

    So if you are really looking for info on living in the Philippines, and thinking about how to make a living. It is worth getting these books even if you initially just treat them as an interesting read.



    • Bob Martin says:

      Hi Ross – Thank you for your purchase of my books, I appreciate it, and am happy to hear that you find the books informative.

      Yes, I have done most of the things that are in the book, and each has given me some level of success, for which I am grateful. I believe that any of the businesses that I recommend can be done, which one a person may choose depends on where his talents lie.

      Good luck, Ross!

  27. A followup to my earlier post.

    In addition to buying two of Bob;s books, I made a purchase from one of his ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses – at least I assume they are housed somewhere.

    Whatever the method of running the business, i can vouch for the courteous service and customer support. WOW!!! Fantastic.


    • Bob Martin says:

      Thank you also for your purchase, Ross, from our WowDavao store. Truth is, WowDavao is not a brick & mortar store, it is 100% an online enterprise! In fact, I have no brick & mortar business operations at all, every business I own is online! :-)

  28. Hi Bob,

    That just proves some of the ideas in the book work ;-)

    Waiting to hear when the flowers arrive at their destination in Pasay City. Hopefully there will be a nice friend with a bigger smile than she usually has. Pity she’s just an online friend and not a prospective partner. But she’s made my life interesting in the time I’ve known her.

    Have a great evening and I hope to deal with you again on her birthday.

    Cheers and thanks,


  29. Do you sale this in PDF option?

  30. Hi Bob,
    I never got back about the flowers :-). They did get an interesting response, and i’ll follow up with another order. In the mean time, I’ve had more time to read the book. And, as you know now – it led to ordering another book.
    The ideas are simple and generally seem practical.
    Your business interests prove at least some of the ideas work.



    p.s. we’re moving on from just ‘online friends’ . Might get to use that book after all….

  31. Hi Bob,
    I’m a Filipino and have acquired my U.S. citizenship many years ago. I used to live in Philly for 24 years but now back here in PI and been living for almost 7 years now. Just like the others, I came here with lots of money. I lived my life here like I was still in the States making regular income…. Wrong! I am still young to receive my Social Security benefits so I opened a business (Desktop Publishing Services). After 2 years in this business two branches were born plus another cafe-restaurant. Now, I only have left the restaurant and it is not making enough to live a good life. I am sinking to debt living day to day. Trying to survive.

    In few days, I’ll be buying your book. I think this will help me start a new venture. Thanks!

    • Hi Marilou – I am sorry to hear that some of your past endeavors have failed. I think that the book can give you some good ideas of what to try in the future. I wish you the best of luck!

  32. BTW, the price at this site is only $39.00. In some comments I found it $49.00? Can I still get it for $39? Thanks.

    • Hi Marilou – When I first came out with the book it was $49, later when I came out with a new book, I lowered the price on this one to $39. So, the book is $39 now, and that is the price you will pay. Good luck!

      • Hi Bob.
        I saw this 10discountToday, would that be applicable when I order this book? But no matter what, I would still get it. I just thought I might get additional savings.
        Thank you.

        • Hi Marilou – Give it a try during checkout.. you might be surprises! :lol: Sure… you can use the discount coupon!

          • Hi Bob, I’ve been married to a Filipina for almost 10 years now & we have a 9 year old son they both live in Surigao City . I just left the end of May this year & I will be back in Oct, or Nov. 2012. This time before I come back or just after I get there I’m going to purchase your book because my wife’s FAVORITE SAYING is IF WE HAVE THE MONEY & what she means by that is all the years that I’ve traveied back & forth from the U.S. to the Phils. I.ve NEVER been able to stay there because of finances getting low. I am a permanent resident now which we did in Jan.2012 About 6 years ago my wife wanted to open a Sari-Sari store so I gave her the money to do it & it was profitable for about 3 of those years but for thr last 3 years IT’S BEEN A REAL JOKE TO TRY MAKING MONEY FROM IT the main reason being is that 4 other Sari-Sari stores opened all around her’s & I mean with in 20-30 feet of her’s. I think you know what I mean when I say that it’s jealousy plain & simple. Well my wife FINALLY DECIDED ENOUGH IS ENOUGH so before I get back there she & our son are moving back to her big 13 year old house on Dinagat Island. My wife & I video chat every day so I’m going to let her know about your website & book so she can read about it herself on her computer. Thanks for the info. Chuck

          • Hi Chuck, I completely understand where you are coming from. When we first moved to the Philippines, I thought I had plenty of money to keep me going for a long time, but after only about 2 years, my bank accounts were running dry. That is when I knew that I either had to learn how to make money here, or I had to go back to the USA, and I did not want to do that. So, I hunkered down and got to work, and I soon got myself into a better situation, money-wise. The rest is history, and I’ve been here for over 12 years now, and still going good!

            Good luck to you, my friend, I hope that all works out for you as well as things did for me!

  33. Hi Bob,
    I have been reading some of the letters. Fascinating stuff.
    I would like to move to Dumaguete perhaps in a few years! One question on your website.
    Were html codes added to the shopping cart button for people to buy your book?
    I want PayPal account button added, but PayPal uses only javascript codes and most
    webmasters here in the USA don’t know how to handle it, which amazes me.
    On my website, in Other Works, my latest book is entitled: Did God Screw Up?
    I’m wondering what kind of response the book would get in a Catholic environment?
    I am British, living in America (dual citizenship)

    Best wishes,


    • Bob Martin says:

      Hello Victor – Yes, the code for the shopping cart buttons is javascript. But, it is provided by the shopping cart company, just paste it in, no problems and no hassle.

      I really don’t have any way of know how your book would be received in the Philippines. Give it a try and see what the reaction is.

      Good luck.

  34. Hi Bob,

    I am doing my random research on Google about couponing, and I happen to stumble upon your website, I read all the comments I end up becoming interested with your book also, I wonder if this “49 ways to make a living in the Philippines” would work for me too. I am a single mom living in Pampanga, I would like to give this a try. I also read I can pay through western union, I just want to make sure this is not a scam as I encountered bunches of scam in the net. Your e-book is $39 can I pay in peso?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Bob Martin says:

      Hi Analiza, I can assure you this is no scam. I even offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t like the book, just ask for a refund anytime within 30 days of purchase, and I will give you back 100% of your money, no questions asked. Hope this helps you.

      Sure, you can pay in Pesos, the price in Pesos will be P1560.

  35. Michael Finch says:

    To those of you who do not know, Bob is a very legit and honest person. He has gone out of his way to help people when he did not have to. My wife is from a province close to Davao City and I met her in 2004. Today we live in Texas with our son. Recently we went back for a few days and we are now thinking of living their on a semi full time basis. I briefly spoke with Bob (we were remarried and Bob and his wife were in our wedding) and I can tell you that this man enjoys a standard of living that anyone would envy. The information he is offering are things that he has done and is actually doing. And finding legit information on financial matters in the Philippines is not easy. I encourage everyone here to take advantage of this.

  36. Hi Bob,

    I will be retiring to the Phils in a few years with nothing more than a modest SS income and need to make extra money “just in case” I should have a medical emergency or for other reasons.

    In other words, I don’t want to live to close to the edge financially while living 7,000 miles from home in the US.

    I just bought your ebook “Is it possible to make money in the Philippines?” and to say I was disappointed is an understatement.

    I want to order “49 Ways to Make a Living in the Philippines” but don’t want to experience another disappointment.

    I’m looking for an ebook with solid, how-to info and not just generalizations. It seems that every ebook I have purchased on how to make money on the internet is filled with generalizations, but nothing solid or re-creatable.

    Please tell me this book is different and not another clone of the ebooks I have wasted money on in the past.


    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Pete – I am sorry that you felt disappointed with the book that you purchased. Let me just say a few things in defense of the book. That book was never intended to be a book that laid out a business plan on how to make money in the Philippines. It is, and was advertised as, an answer to a question that I get often – “Is it possible to make money in the Philippines?” Well, it is possible, and the book explains why it is possible and some general ideas of things you could to to make money. It is intended to be nothing more than that. If there was any misunderstanding, I apologize for that, and it was not intended.

      The 49 Ways books is different than the book that you bought. The book lists 49 different ways, specific ways, that you can make money in the Philippines. Specific businesses that would make that possible. It is not a book that lays out business plans for each method, but it does give 49 different things that I have done to earn money in the Philippines. Many of the items listed in the book are things that I am still doing today after many years of living here and earning money here. I came to the Philippines at the age of 38, and I don’t have any kind of pension or anything, only the money that I can earn myself.

      If you buy the book and are not happy with it, I offer a 100% no questions asked guarantee on the book, so if it is not what you are looking for, you will lose nothing.

      I have sold several thousand of these books, and have given less than 5 refunds, so people are happy with it. I believe you will be too.

      If you want this book, I will offer you $10 off, to make up for the $8 you spent on the other book. Just use the coupon code – 10discountToday – in the shopping cart, and you will get a $10 discount on your purchase.

      • Pete PH says:

        Hi Bob,

        Thanks for your reply. I was thinking of perhaps purchasing your newest book, “99 ways to make a living on the Internet”

        I am new at attempting to make money online and it seems every ebook I have purchased has not been very helpful. I’m very computer literate, so perhaps this might be a better option for me.

        If so, can I use the discount code for this book?

        I really want to retire to the Phils and my SS, if still solvent in a few years, will be my only source of income. It will be enough to sustain a decent life for me in the Phils, but I would like to have a secondary source of income and to make some extra money before I leave the US

        Thanks again for your reply and your discount offer, and let me know if I may apply it to the “99 Ways” ebook.


        • MindanaoBob says:

          Hi Pete – That discount code will work only for the 49 Ways book. If you want the 99 Ways book, use this discount code instead (the code is good for the next 24 hours) – 10offPete

          If you are planning to move to the Philippines, I would recommend the 49 ways book over the 99 ways, but it’s your choice! I do feel that the 49 ways has more specific information geared toward earning money here in the Philippines.

          Good luck to you.

  37. Pete PH says:

    Hello again, Bob – I might be interested in both the “49 ways” and “99 ways” ebooks.
    I understand there is a package deal for both books although I can’t find the link right now.

    May I use the discount code for the package deal? (If so, could you include the link?)

    Thanks again,

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Pete – Ha ha.. you are giving me a workout on these coupons! :lol: Just kidding…

      No, that coupon will not work for the package of both books. I have created a new coupon code for that item for you, use this code: PetePH10 you will get $10 off on the “Ways to Make a Living Pack” with that code, and get both the 49 and 99 Ways to make a living. Just click on the link to go to the page where the package deal is offered.

      Take care!

  38. David Tamares-Little says:

    Hi Bob,
    On the face of it this seems like a good investment. I am thinking of moving to Mabilao near San Fabian about 200k north of Manila. People don’t have much money to spend here. Also Internet and Wifi access is very poor. Do you think I will be able to still make good use of your book?

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi David – Sure! I see no reason why you would not be able to use the book to make some money! I do offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee, so if you feel you cannot use any of the ideas, just ask for a refund, and it will be issued with no hassles at all.

      Hope this helps.

  39. Wendell Gibson says:

    I am curious I want to “retire”in the Philippines. I say it like that meaning when I have sufficient capital to move I want to “retire” there. I want to take my wife back home, not to mention live island life. What book will actually give me, true substantial information on businesses in the Philippines? Not the cursory information you mention regarding one of your books. I truly need to earn about $ 10-12 thousand per month. I woukd like some actual solid information.

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Wendell – Making $10 to $12 thousand a month in the Philippines is not easy, but it can be done if you are willing to work hard.

      It is very unlikely that you will be able to get a job teaching in the Philippines. The law here is that you cannot take a job that a Filipino can do. So, unless you can teach a very specialized subject that no Filipinos can teach, well, you are out of luck then when it comes to teaching.

      My book, 49 ways, is not a super detailed book that will lay out business plans and such. However, what it will do is help you think outside the box, and come up with other ideas on your own that will make good money for you here. Of course, there are 49 ideas that I have shared with you too, and any of those will make money.

      If you are not tech savvy, I would recommend that you take the time to learn more. However, the book does cover tech, non-tech and mixed ideas that include tech aspects and non-tech.

      Good luck to you.

      • Hi Bob,
        I’m browsing for possible business that I could give a try and I stumble into this site and I’m curious about your book “49 Ways To Make A Living in the Philippines”. I’m from Cebu working almost 7 years now and for that span of time working very hard, I seem to realize that I don’t have savings — and I can’t make it if I’ll just stay on working & push too hard, so I’m planning to have a business… Hopefully this book of yours could help me. Is the price for this book is still at Php 1560? Please let me know how can I buy this book, can I pay it thru cc?

        • MindanaoBob says:

          Hi Roxy – The book is $29.99, which would work out to about P1305 at today’s exchange rate. I accept payments through Paypal, which you can pay with a card even if you don’t have a Paypal account. If you don’t want to use Paypal, I can take the money via LBC, Western Union, G Cash or other methods, just let me know and we can work it out.

          Thanks for your interest.

  40. Remedios Obert says:

    I want to purchase your book on 4 ways o make money in the PhPhi money. Can iI get a coupon for discount?
    thank you

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Remedios – Just use the coupon code – 10discountToday – in the shopping cart, and you will get a $10 discount on your purchase.

  41. Hi Bob..
    i’ve been in this page 7mos ago and I think i need your book to help me choose which/what kind of business should i make.

    Can my wife send the payment thru Western Union since she is in Davao..

    Please send me a message..

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Aaron – I just sent you an e-mail, if you don’t see it in your inbox, be sure to check your Spam folder, just in case!

  42. Nurhakim A. Udah says:

    i wanna purchase these book of bob. but the cost is to much for just a book and it will only be sent out thru email. do you have a hard copy that has been on the market here in the philippine, because i wanna try this book and i believe in your opinion bob that i can earn lots of money even here in philippines, but my ideas is not enough and theres a bit doubt so i wanna see if my idea has something to do also with yours. shoot an email so. thanks bob for enlightening me with your thoughts about philippines. im from zamboanga and currently working in manila.

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hello Nurhakim – I believe that the price is very fair for what you are getting. If even one idea pays off for you, then the $39 you spend on the book is nothing. Sorry, I don’t offer a hard copy of the book, only electronic.

      As a special offer to you, I am going to offer you $10 off the book, but the offer is good for only the next 24 hours. During checkout, just enter the coupon code – 10discountToday – and the book will be $10 off the regular price. But, remember, the discount expires after 24 hours.

  43. I can’t believe so many people complain about the price of only $39 now. It just goes to show how broke America and Americans are.

    My wife (from the Philippines) have been living in Shanghai for the past 10 years without any problems. Completely different than what the media makes out to be. We have decided we will move to Cebu within the next couple of years many because the rising costs in Shanghai.

    Like Bob, most of my income is made through the net and you can make lots if you want it depends how hard you want to work. If your lazy then don’t bother, live in bankrupt America where you’ll experience hyper inflation in the near future.

    Living in an Asian country requires you to be open minded and to be able to adapt to different situations. North American has been spoiled for decades but that’s also coming to an end soon. To live in Asia you how to turn the switch on or off as required. If you just constantly complain about this or that then living in the East is not for you.

    I just wanted to put in my two cents for what it’s worth because people complain too much about nothing. Bob’s book have value of knowledge and experience and think of the amount of money you can make from a small investment of $39 if you can only have forward thinking rather than being negative.

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Thanks for your support, Jack. I think you are right, a lot of people are living right on the edge of poverty these days, and are scared to spend even a small amount like $39. But, you are also correct that with online earning, you can pretty much earn whatever amount you choose. The amount you earn depends on how much you are willing to work. It’s a great way to earn a living!

      Take care, Jack, and again, thank you.

  44. with all these ‘How to make money -buy my book” schemes, my first thought is: “apparently the author found a way by: selling books”.
    Honestly, if you know ways to make money, albeit in the Phils or elsewhere and it would be more profitable than making and selling a book, wouldnt you spend yr time on that, rather than the book?
    And a picture with some numbers claiming to come from a real life bankaccount, arent proof. They maybe true, but just a picture is not proof

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Edward – I guess you are a “glass is half empty” kind of guy… everybody is always out to get you. I offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on the book, and I honor it. But, in 5 years of selling the book, I have sold over 3,000 books, but only given a couple of refunds. So, the book must have value, or more people would request a refund.

      It’s OK, it really doesn’t bother me that you have your doubts. I write a lot on the Internet and have a large following of people, “fans” if you will. I am pretty sure that a huge percentage of them would vouch for my honest and the quality of the information I provide to them.

      Keep your chin up, Edward. Not everybody is out to get you. ;-)

  45. Quality articles is the main to attract the viewers to pay a
    visit the web site, that’s what this site is providing.

  46. I was wondering what kind of experience one needs to accomplish some of the ideas in the book? I am trying to move to the Philippines and marry my girlfriend there, and set up permanent residence. I’m 26 years old and my work experience is limited to manual labor, and 6 years military experience with very little college. Is there anything the book can help me earn a living in the Philippines?

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi MVH – I don’t have a college degree, but have been very successful in doing business in the Philippines. Every idea in the book is something that can be done by any “average joe” – at least in my opinion. I do offer a 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee, so if you buy the book and decide that it’s not for you… you have no problem getting a refund!

  47. Is the book strictly for US ex-pats moving to the Philippines or can it also be used for filipinos themselves? I have a virtual assistant I use part time but would like to keep her full-time employed. Would a US-based entrepreneur/writer mixed with local be able to find success with your book?

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Jim – Yes, I believe that most of the things I share in the book can be used by anybody, regardless of where they are from! I am sure that your VA in the Philippines would find the book useful.

      BTW, I see that you already purchased the book, and I thank you for your purchase.

  48. Hello Bob im Brian from Denmark,will soon visit Davao for the 3 time have a girlfriend there
    im wondering will the ideas in your book 49 ways to make a living involve alot of money to
    work how litle can i start with to make it work? Also would you be willing to help us set it up and show
    us how to make it work if paying for your service?
    My girlfriend is very sceptical but i really want to believe i have tryed ordering your book but i cant get paypal to work even though i used it before

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Brian – Thanks for your comment and your questions. Really, there is no reason at all to be skeptical, because I have a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you (or your girlfriend) think that the book is not good, well… I’ll refund you, no questions asked!

      Most of the ideas in the book can be done for $100 or less. I have several businesses that have earned me literally over $1 Million (dollars, not pesos) with an initial investment of $100 or less. It can be done. Some of the ideas do require significant investment, but only a few.

      If you buy the book, I am happy to answer questions for you. I am not going to “work for you” as far as getting everything set up, but I will certainly answer questions and guide you on how to do things. If you want me to work and help you get it set up, we can work out something on that, I am sure. I do offer consulting services.

      Take care.

  49. Hi Bob,
    My wife and I now live in the Philippines. Our access to computers and the internet is quiet limited. How many of your 49 ways are not computer based?
    Kind regards,


    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Mark – Thanks for stopping by!

      In the book, 49 Ways to Make a Living in the Philippines, about half of the ideas are strictly online methods. About 40% are offline (no computer needed). The final 10% are hybrid ideas that use on and offline as part of the same business.

      Remember… it only takes one good idea! And, I do offer a 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee! :-)

  50. Ben Garcia says:

    Bob, kumusta ka , I was there in Philippines and stayed most of my time in Calamba, Mis.,Occ. I’m a Phil/Am retiree and decided to stay with my wife back to the Philippines for good . I invested almost 40% out of my U.S. retirement fee on a TV cable & FM radio station at the location mentioned above ( the owner of the said business is my nephew and me as a partner ) . I was not happy with the return investment, I only wasted the 1.5 years doing nothing until I got bored and ultimately luck was not really in my favor when my wife got a sudden heart attacked forcing us to go back here in States. I was unaware that our health insurance (US Medicare) is not acceptable in our country and the medical , hospital bills were so expensive as my wife needs a heart pacemaker. I didn’t have any idea or any means of coincidence to get in touch with you when in fact we were just staying on the same island and it’s a car drivable distance. Looking forward to keep you posted and more power to your business. Hain man diay ka ron ? Nia ko sa Houston,Texas.

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Ben – Thanks for sharing your story! Sorry to hear that the return on your investment in the radio station didn’t work out like you hoped! Maybe it will still pay off in the long run.

      Bad news about your wife! I hope she is doing better now! Please give her my best regards.

      If you make it back to Mindanao, please do give me a shout! It would be nice to meet you.

  51. Ben Garcia says:

    Good day Bob, thanks for your heartily reply and expect me to get in touch with you . Take care.

  52. Jason Perry says:

    Hi Bob,
    Jason Here. from Aus, firstly I would like to commend your patients in dealing with some of the above responses from readers/ me I would have cracked it. . I will buy your book, as Im curious to know your thoughts. im 33 business manager in aus. I earn a comfortable living But I leave this lifestyle in 9 months to be exact and move the the Philippines. ill have 100k in aus dollars.. in hand. and will spread my risk in investment. what that will be im not sure. I find it interesting you think taxi license is not wise.. I thought that would be a surety if managed correctly. 1000 peso lease a day.. I am nervous and scared of failure.. as 100k is a lot of money. but im also optimistic, and an opportunistic.. if it doesn’t roll I push it.. this book bloody better be good Bob cause if I go broke.. im coming for you..” actually no your in Mindanao #f*#k that.

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Jason. Interesting that you are coming with $100k, exactly the same as I did. In the book you will learn how I blew the money in 2 years and had to learn how to make money here.

      • jason perry says:

        Hey mate loved your thoughts.. was interesting and I will certainly continue to refer to it. I appreciate your journey, I found it funny also that u started with 100k.. odds are against me though as 100k these days doesnt go as far. I think the money is in the net. Its the only way to roll… I since have purchased a wordpress and I am building a site/blog. The secret is to relate it to ur speciality/experience . The adsense ideas were great. . And gives me alot thoughts.. id love to pick ur brain sometime over a beer..thanks again. take care mate. Jason Perry

        • MindanaoBob says:

          Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jason. Glad you found the book informative. Good luck with your venture toward earning an income on the net! Let’s do that beer sometime!

  53. Jim Hannah says:

    Hello Bob,

    I bought a copy of this book some considerable time ago, and have now lost it…left on old computer or something, I don’t know. Is it possible to have a link to re-download it please?


  54. chris scott says:

    Hi, I will be buying your book in four days. But do you know where expats get their prescriptions filled in the Philippines, or from whom I could get more information?

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hello Chris, expats can get their prescription medication at any pharmacy, just like Filipinos do. There are no special requirements for expats, they’re just like any other citizen when it comes to getting prescription medication. I hope this helps.

  55. chris scott says:

    Hi, do you know how ex pats can get medications filled in Phlippines?

  56. Hello Bob,

    I am a native Filipino citizen currently working as a sales agent in the Philippine real esate industry. I am selling resort type house and lots and condominiums in the Philippines… and I find your book very interesting.

    I am a person who always want to get the most of online marketing who believes in working smart than working hard without any consistency.

    If expats can earn that kind of money then that should not hinder a native citizen from earning the same with the right attitude and perseverance… that’s why I plan to purchase your online book when I receive my next set of commisions by the first week of June… please let me know how it can be done. Actually, anything that would make me a master of online marketing will attract me so please let me know if you have other books aside from this one that would fit me.

    Thank you,

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Daniel – This book is not completely about internet marketing, but about 60% or more of the ideas in the book are internet based, so it should be a good fit for you. Good luck to you!

  57. Sounds like just what I need! I’m ordering now!

  58. Virginia says:

    When was the last time you updated your book “49 Ways to Make a Living in the Philippines”?

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Virginia – I update my books often. I can’t say an exact date, but I believe it would be within the last 60 days.

  59. Rey Bergey says:

    Hi Bob,
    I have been following your growth of your businesses and websites online now since 2009 when I first purchased from your online gift delivery business. I enjoy reading your articles and have gained a lot of knowledge and wisdom from you and your contributors. I actually was born in Manila (I’m 1/2 Filipino and well-versed in Filipino culture) but grew up in the states. My second wife is a Filipina and we are planning on relocating to the Philippines as soon as we can save enough. I purchased your ebook “49 Ways” about 3 years ago and it gave me some great ideas. Even though I was working full time, I did implement a couple of those ideas for some extra money. Now… unemployed for 10 months.. I re-read your book and it has given me great inspiration to go at it full time using a couple more ideas from the book. The thing is.. one has to pick and choose those things they have natural gifts for or at least some passion for. None of these are “get rich quick” schemes but real world examples of making money that can work over the long haul. Thank you for deciding to move to the Philippines and for working “online”. You are my online mentor :) Hope to meet you someday soon!

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Rey – Thank you for your kind words, they are greatly appreciated. I am so happy to know that you have picked up some workable ideas from my book! Good luck to you!

  60. Randy Maxwell says:

    Hey Bob I plan on moving to the Philippines permanently in January I have a fiance and a baby there now. And as I am presently living in the United States and I am basically the same age as you I am 50 with no chance of any retirement at this time. So I’ve decided to order your book but my question is? I have asked on two of your other websites because I am also a member of your newsletter I am coming with $10,000 would it be possible for me to start a successful business with that amount of capital and I still have not received any answer which makes me wonder if you really care at all about potential customers.

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Randy. I answer every comment on my sites, I am not sure how one of us missed it. Either somehow I missed answering, or I answered and maybe you forgot to check for my reply.

      The answer to your question is absolutely yes! In fact, every business I own has been started with $100 or less, and I have some very successful businesses.

  61. ace del pilar says:

    Hi sir Bob, I am a contractor in Department of Education Philippines, construction in my line of business but I tried something new that i think it would make a hit, so I tried TAXI BUSINESS. I have a taxi business in Manila Philippines. I bet u would do taxi business here in Manila. On our growing economy in manila most specially in Makati and Fort Bonifacio most of the employees there ride in taxi. And as you can see in SM Malls theres a huge lacking of taxi ride. Most of the Mall goers need a taxi ride but taxi rides are not that many. On my own experience with a small amout of capital i started up only 1 taxi, and now in a span of 14 months my taxi is now 4. Taxi is good business as long as you know the right people where to buy taxi franchise and you know the technique / offers in your drivers your taxi business will succeed. I do feasibility study also. ^_^V

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Congratulations on your success, Ace. That is great to hear.

      I live in Davao, so I am not too familiar with the Manila malls.

  62. Bob, really enjoyed comments about shipping container to the Philippines. However, the article and responses I saw are dated. Can you provide some recommendations re a good agent in Manila to clear a container and a shipping company here to pack and ship from the states. I moved the Philippines before, and followed the balakbayan box routine, but this time I have some outsize stuff. I will be shipping from Jacksonville (I live in Orlando area) to Manila, then I need to have the container reloaded in some island transport as a container will not work to where I intend to live (Tablas Island). So my plan was to hire a few of the locals in Tablas pick up the furniture (only intend to ship beds and some unique stuff I can not replace in Philippines) following customs clearance and deliver to my house on the island (local folks ship copra to Manila, but usually can arrange for them to use their trucks for your stuff on the return trip. My “plan” is to box everything in plywood or shipping boxes before it is picked up, so when it gets to the other end and is moved from the container to the trucks, damage will be hopefully minimized. However this will require the company in Manila to have some material handling equipment handy. Any information/suggestions would be much appreciated. Tom

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Tom – When we moved here, we used United Van Lines. I would expect that any large moving company would have a good agent for help in clearing customs. I have not been back to the States for 15 years, and really don’t have any information on current shippers or moving companies to recommend to you.

  63. Hi Bob..I been wanting to live in the Philippines since 2002. I wonder if any of your ideas I can use now build income to help facilitate a future move within the next year. I am now living in the USA and not retired yet but have a GF there now. My current job and income is holding me back from making more frequent visits than 2-3 times a year. Hoping to find income now to visit anytime I want and increase my chances to move there permanently within 12 months without depending on income from my current job. Is this something doable with the information you have?

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Marc – Is it doable with the information in my book? Well, given that I have been living a very nice life in the Philippines for the past 15 years with no income other than what I earn using the things in the book… the only answer I can give is… yes, of course it is doable! :-)

      • David Oneal says:

        Hi Bob, I know you live in the davo city area and I wanted to ask about the shipping of items from the US by using conatiners. Do you have to go to manila to recieve your Items and inspect before you have it forward to your area in mindinoa? Im thinking about importing goods from US to the philipines like second hand stuff to be sold at the local market. Do you have a lot of fees and high corruption you will face in the philipines.

        • MindanaoBob says:

          Hi David – When I moved here, I had two containers shipped directly to Mindanao, my stuff never touched ground in Manila.

          I prefer not to comment on goods for sale… that is not necessary legal to do.

      • Thank you for the information in your book I purchased quite a while ago now I am living in the Philippines now There is a lot happened in my life since I last contacted you on here I am however sorting everything out! Thank you once again for the book, and to all the co repents on here that have been so helpful to me!
        I hope to be staring a blog here when I get a few more things sorted out!

  64. Tom Vayda says:

    Bob, thank you for your previous answer regarding shipments to the Philippines. I will try United Van Lines. I understand that the retiree visa allows $7,000 duty free in to the country. Do you know anyone who has used this exemption, and if so how difficult is it to utilize (do not have receipts for goods I plan to ship; however there are few electronics–will mainly consist of used furniture and rugs which were difficult to obtain when I previously lived in the Philippines. Thanks, Tom.

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Yes, I do know somebody who has used that exemption… me! And also dozens of others. It is very easy. They don’t (didn’t when I did it or others) require any kind of receipts. In fact, I brought in way over $7k worth of stuff and nothing at all was said.

  65. bob,if i purchase your book can i download all the pages from it back to the internet so less well off people can view it for no cost?have a nice day…….

  66. MindanaoBob says:

    No, Dave, I am sorry but you can’t do that. It would be illegal. I am the copyright owner, and could not allow that.

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