49 Ways to Make a Living in the Philippines

By Bob Martin

49 Ways to Make a Living in the Philippines

49 Ways to Make a LivingOrder Today! Now just $24.99

Are you thinking of retiring in the Philippines, or even thinking of making the big move before retirement age, like I did? If so, you may be in need of making some additional money while living here to keep you living a good life! If so, this books is for you!

I earn more here than I ever earned while living in the USA!. Let me show you how you can also earn a living here! It isn’t as easy as just going and finding a job (unless you want to earn $5 a day or so), but I can show you how to earn good money in the Philippines! When you buy my book, you will get 49 great ideas on what you can do to earn money while living in the Philippines! This book is available as an electronic book that you can download immediately after paying.

49 Ways to make a living in the Philippines, by Bob “MindanaoBob” Martin

Tommy recently purchased this book, and here is what he said about it:

Bob’s e-Book “49 Ways To Make A Living In The Philippines” is exactly what the doctor ordered! There is so much real and genuine information on starting additional revenue streams from day one. I implemented 3 of these ideas in the first week and I am seeing a huge increase in my Google Ad Words campaigns. I am a marketing executive with over 13 years experience and what Bob has done is he has isolated a brilliant way of making real money for hard workers in the Philippines. I couldn’t be happier! Thanks Mindanao Bob!

Tommy Seilheimer West Chicago, IL USA

You know, if you hang around many expats who live in the Philippines, or even visit expat forums on the Internet, there is always one thing that you hear on them. What is it? “You can’t earn money in the Philippines!” Well, I am here to tell you that such a statement is simply not true! A lot of people also say: “The best way to earn a small fortune in the Philippines is to arrive with a large fortune.” Well, that does happen to a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to happen to you! I have been living in the Philippines since May 2000, and since 2002, I have been earning all of my income right here in the Philippines! You can do it too, but you must learn how to do it. It is not something that comes easy. I came to the Philippines with a load of money, and I spent it a lot more quickly than I thought I would! When the well was almost dry, I had to face reality. I had two choices:

    1. Go home.
    2. Learn how to earn a living in the Philippines. 

Checking Account StatementI chose #2! And, I succeeded! It took a lot of learning, and a lot of work, but I figured it out. Now, I want to help others learn how to earn a living in the Philippines. What? You think that I am not being honest? Let’s have a look at a couple of my bank statements:  This Bank Statement shows that my income that was deposited into my checking account was $19,117.66 for this particular month. Bank Statement 2 Here is another bank statement showing a monthly income of $20,750.73

A few people have questioned me on these bank statements.  They say that it is not real, or something fishy is going on because I am moving out all or nearly all of the money every month.  This account is where my earnings are deposited by the credit card processor that I use.  I do not leave the money in this account, I move it to accounts that earn interest and other investments.  I assure you that the amounts are real, and nothing unusual is happening because of the amount of the withdrawals.

Now, the truth is that I don’t earn $19,000 to $20,000 each and every month, but also it is not too uncommon to earn that kind of money. At the minimum, I would say that my earnings are about $12,000 per month, and I have earned figures a lot bigger than what you see in the photos of my Bank Statements above. All of these earnings are made right here in the Philippines too. I don’t have any kind of retirement or Social Security. No annuity. No earnings in the USA (or any other country) at all. Heck, I’m only 51 years old – too young for any retirement anyway! Do you want to live in the Philippines and earn money like this, or even just enough to fund your lifestyle here? I can show you how!

Order my book today, and let me share with you 49 different ways that you can earn a living right here in the Philippines! What kind of ideas do I offer? Well, you know (I’m sure) that I make my money online, all through the Internet. However, I know that some of you are not computer gurus, or may be uncomfortable using a computer. Because of this, I offer ideas that are Online, Offline and also Hybrid ideas that are a combination of online and offline. I believe that the ideas that I offer are perfect for anybody! And, by the way, you don’t have to be an Internet Guru to make money over the Internet! You’ll discover that after reading my book! If you order the book, you can download the book immediately after paying.

Money Back GuaranteeI offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – if you buy the book and find that it is not what you expected, just let me know, return the book and you will get 100% of the purchase price refunded to you! If you have been reading my various Websites for any length of time, I think that you know me and trust me. I am not offering pie in the sky, and I am not out to take your money. I want to provide you value, a real shot at being able to live in the Philippines and to be able to earn a living right here! Let me help you find the lifestyle that you are looking for! Order today, now just $24.99, and you can download it immediately after payment is made!

Order Today! Now just $24.99