Membership Sites

By Bob Martin

I am happy to announce that I am coming out with a series of eBooks that I am calling the “Virtual Earner Series.”  The series of books will cover many ways that you can earn money online!  Each book will have it’s own area of specialty so that you can purchase only the books that are on a subject of interest to you.

Membership Sites

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membershipOK, so you want to make money on the Internet, right?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could charge people to come and visit your site!  Well, you can!  Yes, it’s true, you can set it up where people have to pay if they want to visit your website!  But, should you do that?  Truth is, in some cases it is a good strategy to follow, sometimes it is not the right path to travel, though!

Well, if you have a huge site that is super-popular, that is when you should charge people money to access it, right?  Well, maybe not.  In my book, I will show you what kinds of sites you can charge membership fees for, and which sites you should not even consider it for.  Guess, what… you might be surprised at my answer.  But, when I explain why certain sites are not right for memberships, you will then understand why some sites are “off limits” when it comes to memberships.

Making money with Membership Websites is certainly a very viable way of earning money on the Internet.  Just make sure you don’t make a wrong move and charge membership fees for a site that really should be free.  Making that mistake could really kill your chances of making big money on the Internet.  To find out the right way to do it, order my book, Virtual Earner Guide – Membership Sites, just $9.99.  New low price, was $24.99. Easy download as soon as you pay!

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