Philippine Dual Citizenship Guide

By Bob Martin

The Philippine Dual Citizenship website is proud to announce that we are releasing a book on the topic:  The Philippine Dual Citizenship Guide.

Order the book today, just $4.99great new value, was $9.99.

DualCitGuideThe Philippine Dual Citizenship Guide includes all of the information that you need to apply for Dual Citizenship under Republic Act 9225, the Philippine Dual Citizenship Law.

The book includes a list of all requirements that you will need to prepare and include with your Dual Citizenship Application.  Additionally, the book lists all fees associated with the application as well, so that you will know in advance how much you need to pay to re-acquire your Philippine Dual Citizenship.

If you are interested in how your children can obtain dual citizenship, that is also included in the Guidebook.

The great thing is that the book is very inexpensive, just US$9.99.  Also, if you buy the book and have additional questions about the Dual Citizenship process, we are happy to offer you personal assistance to help you maneuver the dual citizenship process.

Order the book today, just $4.99great new value, was $9.99, and you can download it immediately after paying!