Philippine Dual Citizenship Guide

The Philippine Dual Citizenship website is proud to announce that we are releasing a book on the topic:  The Philippine Dual Citizenship Guide.

Order the book today, just $4.99great new value, was $9.99.

DualCitGuideThe Philippine Dual Citizenship Guide includes all of the information that you need to apply for Dual Citizenship under Republic Act 9225, the Philippine Dual Citizenship Law.

The book includes a list of all requirements that you will need to prepare and include with your Dual Citizenship Application.  Additionally, the book lists all fees associated with the application as well, so that you will know in advance how much you need to pay to re-acquire your Philippine Dual Citizenship.

If you are interested in how your children can obtain dual citizenship, that is also included in the Guidebook.

The great thing is that the book is very inexpensive, just US$9.99.  Also, if you buy the book and have additional questions about the Dual Citizenship process, we are happy to offer you personal assistance to help you maneuver the dual citizenship process.

Order the book today, just $4.99great new value, was $9.99, and you can download it immediately after paying!


  1. I have a client who will be purchasing a ticket from MNL to LAX on February 20 and LAX to MNL on February 28, 2013. He is a US Citizen and married to a Filipina. They arrived here three months ago with his wife and kids. When they arrived here they only have one way ticket and they advised them since he is married to a Filipina he does not have to have a visa and just showed a proof of marriage and proof of dual citizenship of his filipina wife.

    Question: Does my client still need to bring a copy of their marriage certificate and his wife dual citizenship so on his way back here from LAX he wont be ask why he do not have a visa going to the Philippines and only his US Passport?

    I actually told him for US Citizen coming to Philippines regardless they are married or not they are not required to have a Philippine Visa before they can enter in our country but I still need a confirmation from you.

    Thanks for you reply

    • No visa is needed regardless of his marital status. If he has only a ticket to enter the Philippines, and none to exit, then he will need his marriage certificate showing that he is married to a Philippines citizen or former citizen. He must also enter the country with his wife. If the airline asks about his visa status or his ongoing ticket he should just inform them that they will enter the Philippines under the balikbayan privilege.

  2. Daniel Holden says:

    I have plan to move to philippines, I am married to a filipina lady and we decided to go back and live in philippines, I wanted to bring my family with me, my mother, and two brothers.. What are my family requirement to live there with us? What kind of visa and the payment?
    Thank you for the feedback.

  3. Jing Jing says:

    I would like to ask as Origin Filipino and now got the German Citizenship is she/he still allowed to have a Land Property and House in the Philippines. If yes how many hectares can she have? Thank you hope for to get an answer 😉

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Somebody who is a former Philippine citizen can own up to 1,000 sq. meters in a city, or up to 1 hectare in the province.

  4. can a us naturalized us citizen over staying here in manila for years apply for dual citizenship?…if yes what is the procedure? tnx

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Sure, the person you describe can apply for Philippine dual citizenship. The procedure is outlined in the book here.

  5. Juliana Rodriguez Gallo says:

    We don’t have Philippine Embassy here in Utah. What are my requirements to process for a dual citizen. Should I send my US Passport and Naturalized Citizenship Certificate. It is safe to send the legal documents? I’m planning to go back my country Philippines when I retire. How to buy your book online?

    • MindanaoBob says:

      It is my understanding that a personal appearance at the Consulate that serves your area is required in order to become a dual citizen. If that is inconvenient due to your location, why not just apply once you are back in the Philippines?

  6. Neil Santos says:

    Hi MindanaoBob!

    I am a Dual Citizen, born in the US, year 1988, and moved here in the Philippines when I was 3 years old. Dad is a Filipino citizen; Mom’s Filipino and was naturalized in the US even before giving birth to me.

    I became a Recognized Filipino in 1997 with an ID Certificate and an ‘Order’ which I carry around every time I travel abroad since I only use my US passport. So, I’m pretty much ‘Pinoy’.

    The things is, I always get questioned by immigration people like “When are you planning to go back to the US?” or “When did you arrive?” etc… And the immigration people here do get pretty stingy. I always get told to get a Philippine passport and they just get really mean.

    I haven’t been to the US since 2003; I want my options open since I’ve been traveling a lot these days and I would love to study/work in the US given the chance.

    What am I doing wrong? Should I get a PH passport? Or just keep doing what I’m doing?

    Also, would my future wife and kids be eligible to become American citizens?

    Thanks so much MindanaoBob! Would really appreciate an email that you replied here :)

    Best regards,


    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Neil,

      I would not say that you’re doing anything wrong, those immigration
      officials are free to ask any questions of you when you enter the country.

      Everything you described seems to be proper. Just continue doing as you
      are, & I don’t think you’ll have any problems.

  7. Hi MindanaoBob,

    I’m a naturalized US citizen for 20 years and is thinking of applying for a Philippines Dual Citizenship. You’ve mentioned in one of your corresponds to an inquirer about applying for it in the Philippines. My question is how long does the process takes in the Philippines? The reason for me asking is so I know how long to plan my trip?

    Also what are the benefits of getting the Dual Citizenship? Being a Dual Citizen, does one have to file for income tax on both countries?

  8. Hi mindanaobob!im a single mom of two I’m planning to take my two kids to Philippines both of them was born here in the us .what are the steps to do?is there any benefits getting dual citizenship….what is that they call report by birth? Is that the dual citizenship they called?thank you

  9. Hi Bob, my fiancé is holding a mexican passport but his mom is a Filipina and been living in Philippines since he was 1 yr old. His 24 now. My question is, can he still apply for a dual citizenship? Where and how to apply? Is he still eligible to apply since his over 18 yrs of age? Thank you very much.

  10. Hi Bob – I was born in the US in 1971. At the time, my mom was a Philippine citizen. She later became a naturalized US citizen. And just last year re-acquired her Philippine citizenship. As her adult son, under what rule can I apply to have dual US / Philippine citizenship? Thank you in advance.

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Truth is, there is no law that will entitle you to Philippine Citizenship. The only hope you have is for your mother to file a late report of birth abroad at the Philippine Embassy/Consulate that serves the are where you were born. Given that you are 33 years old, it is very late to file that report, it should have been done when you were born. They are not required to accept it this late, but they might. If they do, you can claim your Philippine Citizenship.

      • Thank you for such a quick response. As a follow up, My brother was born in July 1973 here in the United States. Am I correct that he is eligible to claim Philippine citizenship due to his date of birth being after January 1973 even though he also did not have a report of birth abroad filed when he was born? Thank you again.

        • MindanaoBob says:

          Anybody who was born outside the Philippines and wants to claim Philippine citizenship would need to have a report of birth abroad.

  11. JASWINDER says:

    Hello sir, I am JASWINDER, an indian citizen. I am permanent resident of Philippines, my wife is also indisn citizen has TRV visa. My son born here in Philippines in 1999. Can he apply for dual citizenship here?

    • MindanaoBob says:

      No, your son has no right to Philippines citizenship because Philippine citizenship is passed by blood, where a person is born has no bearing on gaining Philippine citizenship. Only children of a parent who is a Philippine citizen can become a Philippine citizen.

  12. Hello i was lookong for anyome can answer my question i was get brith baby boy to a chinese guy here philippine i was pure pilipino and we are not married already 5 month old when i get birth he ask me to name after him the baby so even we not married i name after him now we are planing to marry his parents asking me if the baby was philippine citizen if i can still get him also chinese citizen i dont know how to answer them coz i know china cant accept dual citizen hat can u advice

  13. Hi I just want to ask if my cousin can apply a dual citizen.he is a american citizen but he already stay here almost 17yrs because of family problem he already over stay here.bec until now he cant find her mother when he was 2yrs old he was already here in now he is 19yrs old and he want to go back in guam but he dnt pay any taxes here inphil because of finacial problem it possible to him to be a dual citizen?pls let him to help so he can also find his mother in guam.tnx

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Your cousin can apply for dual citizenship if he meets one of these three requirements:

      1. If he is a former Philippine Citizen.
      2. If his mother was a Philippine citizen on the day he was born.
      3. If his father was a Philippine citizen on the day of his birth.

      If he does not meet any of those conditions, then he can never be a dual citizen.

  14. Hello Bob,
    May I ask you a question regarding re-acquiring Filipino citizenship?
    The individual was born in the Philippines to Filipino parents. He renounces his Filipino citizenship and become a Singaporean citizen. Can he re-acquire his Filipino citizenship and retain his Singaporean citizenship?

    Thank you.

  15. Hi Bob,

    I am a dual US-Philippine citizen living in the Philippines. I am going to join the USN and I am optioned to renounce my Philippine citizenship. Where do I go to request for an Affidavit of Renunciation? From all my searches I’m led to Philippine Embassies in other countries but I am residing in Metro Manila. Your help is greatly appreciated.


  16. Good day. My son is born here in the Philippines and is now 20 years old, a student. My son has just acquired his Japanese citizenship as per acknowledgement of his father recently. Can my son retain his Filipino citizenship even if he is already a Japanese? Will he not be required for a Student Visa here in the Philippines since he is now a Japanese? Please kindly advice us and tell us on our status regarding this matter.
    Thank you so much.

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Dual citizenship is expressly illegal under Japanese law. So, if your son wishes to be a Japanese citizen, he can no longer be a Philippine Citizen.

  17. I thought he could still apply for retention of Filipino citizenship, but anyway thank you so much.

  18. Hello Bob
    i’m french my wife from philippines get naturalized french on september 1996 or my daughter born on november 1996. We made a reporth of birth on 1999 it was registered.
    We try to do dual ctitizen for my wife and my daughter before she have 18.But make it in late and i’m waiting for the documents from nso.What happenned if the documents arrive in late?
    Do you know if my daughter can apply for dualcitizen after 18,in the french embassy they told me that it was possible but only after 18 in the bureau of immigration in philippines.
    Do you think is really possible

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Jean-Yves – Thank you for contributing your question. My understanding of your daughter’s situation and the Philippines would make me say that your daughter is not eligible for Philippine Dual Citizenship. The reason is that her mother was naturalized as a French Citizen before your daughter was born. In order to have a right to Philippine Citizenship, your daughter must have a mother or a father who is a Philippine citizen at the time that she is born. Since you are a French citizen, and your wife became a French citizen before giving birth, your daughter has no rights to Philippine Citizenship at this point.

      Good luck to you.

  19. Hi Bob!

    My wife of 12 years, my 11 year old son, and I are moving to Mindanao next spring. Both my wife and son are dual citizens. After living in the Philippines for the required 5 years, can I obtain Philippine citizenship without losing my U.S. citizenship?

    Thank you for your time, and consideration.

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Under the laws of the Philippines, no you cannot. As part of becoming a Philippine Citizen, you must renounce your US Citizenship. Foreigners are not allowed Philippine Dual Citizenship, that is reserved for Natural Born Philippine Citizens.

      • jeanette tibay says:

        Hi good day..I have boyfriend in Australian guy..and we have baby can I get dual passport I mean she needs to have citizen…thank you very much

        • MindanaoBob says:

          In order for the child to become an Australian Citizen, the father will need to go to the Australian Embassy and file a Report of Birth Abroad.

  20. Hi,
    I’m a dual citizen and I’m curious if my marriage certificate should indicate whether I’m a Filipino or American in order for my future unborn child to be eligible under the CRBA.

  21. Hi Bob,
    I have been reading your website and it looks like I am getting more clarity than visiting the BI in Manila. I was hoping you can help. I am a filipino by birth but gained Australian citizenship by virtue of marriage, however that fell apart and I am now living in Manila on a BB visa for the last 3 years. I gave birth in Manila to a baby boy 2 years ago. Unfortunately, the father died while in hospital, so birth certificate has no father. As a single Australian mom, i then proceeded to fix his aust papers- citizenship and passport. I was told by the embassy that I just need to get a clearance for my son at the BI in Manila only to find out that there were fees over the amount of 80,000 because the 2 year old overstayed. I was then, advised to process the dual citizenship as it can waiver the fees. My question is, once we receive the dual, can my son exit the country with just these papers or do I still need to get something else. We both only have an Australian passport.
    Sorry to be a long email. Thanks

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Your son should be able to leave without a problem once he has a certificate of dual citizenship.

      • Hi Bob,
        Thank you. I was told that I still need to get an ECC and pay travel tax for him. Is that true? Can this be done in the airport?

  22. HI Bob!

    I am a Filipina married to a Canadian-Filipino. We have a daughter who was born in the Philippines but by virtue of the Canadian law, also possess Canadian citizenship. She now has passports and legal documents for both. Now we are planning to migrate to Canada by April or May and my husband said that I should apply first her dual citizenship before flying out. My question is, does she have to go to the immigration to take the oath, is her presence needed there? Or can I process her papers by myself? She’s only turning 5 this March so I don’t know if the oath applies to toddlers as well. I just want to know this so I would know if she would miss a class for this or not. Thanks!

    • MindanaoBob says:

      There is nothing to apply for. Your daughter is already a dual citizen.

      You said she has a Canadian Passport. That means that Canada recognizes her as a citizen.

      You said she has a Philippine Passport. That means that the Philippines recognizes her as a citizen.

      Both countries say she is a citizen. Thus, she is a dual citizen. That means that she is a citizen of two different countries. So, there is no need to apply for anything. There is no oath to take. She did not become a dual citizen by filling out papers. She is a dual citizen by virtue of the circumstances of her birth. Such dual citizens by birth are required to take no oath.

  23. Hi bob…im a naturalized american… I arrived in the philippines a week ago…and planning to stay for more than 30 days…will i still be able to avail the BB visa? I have my old philippine passport with me…

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Jay – You qualify for the Balikbayan Visa, but unfortunately you waited to long to ask for it. You must request it at the airport when you enter the country. Since you arrived a week ago and have a tourist visa, the only way you can get the BB now is to leave the country and return, then request it before they stamp your passport.

      • Flying to malaysia or singapore for example will allow me to avail the BB when i go back to the PH? Thank you for your fast response.

  24. Hi Bob…. I am a naturalized filipino citizen, soon to be a canadian citizen. I know i can’t apply for dual citizenship. Do you know what will happen to my Philippine property after I become a canadian citizen. thanks

  25. Im a Filipino citizen married to a naturalized US citizen and has 2 kids born in the US. Me and my 2kids are now staying in the Phils for the past 3years. I didnt file for anything in regard to my kids status. If the kids decided to go back to America, are they already considered overstaying. If so, how much do we have to pay for the fees?

    Thank you so much.

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Yes, they are overstaying. You need to work with the Bureau of Immigration to determine how much the penalties would be.

      • Aren’t they considered as dual citizen also since when i gave birth to the kids im still a philippine citizen. My husband just acquired of his dual citizenship last year.

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