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retirekingRetire Like A King in the Philippines and do it on a reasonable budget!

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That’s right, even if you have to retire on a fixed (and limited) budget, you can do so while still maintaining a good life! You can do it in the Philippines! Bob Martin is an American who is also a long term resident of the Philippines! Bob moved here when he was just 38 years old, and he knows the ins and outs of living in the Philippines. Let Bob show you how you can do it too! Live a good life on a very limited budget! If you can afford to spend $1,500 per month or so, you can truly live like a King. Pamper yourself with all the best in life, while still staying on budget. It can be done. Bob is doing it, and thousands of other Americans are doing it too. Learn how when you purchase this book today. Bob originally wrote this book more than 5 years ago, but the content has been completely updated to take into account the real world changes in budget, prices and living conditions that have happened over the past 5 years. If you enjoyed the old version, now is the time to get the updated version! If you have not yet seen any version of this book, you can immediately get the completely up to date version today! This book is available in electronic format. If you order the electronic version, you can download it immediately after you make payment! Start reading this great information just minutes from now!

Order Today! Just $14.99 – Great new value, was $29.99!


  1. Hi! I am from the Philippine Retirement Authority, a government agency that promotes the Philippines as a retirement destination for foreign nationals. It would be great if I could meet or talk with you and discuss things how we can partner and distribute your books to our retiree members. You may email me at or I really would like to get copies of your books so I would know your perspective in living in the Philippines as a foreign national who has been in the Philippines for quite sometime.
    Thank you.

    Noehl D. Bautista, OIC-Marketing, PRA

  2. I am British born and my parents are from India. I am fedup with the UK tax, government and bankers. I would like Filipion Citizenship and passport and investigate business opportunities in the country. How easy is it to get Citizenship ?

    • Bob Martin says:

      Getting citizenship here is difficult, Kam. Firstly you will have to live here for 10 years before you can even begin the application process. You cannot own a business here unless you are a citizen.

  3. Dear Bob,

    there been some changes already. It is possible to own at 100% business in the Philippines as a foreigner.

    • Bob Martin says:

      Hi Hans – What you say is partially correct. On some businesses it is possible, but in other businesses you cannot even own 1%. It depends on the industry.

  4. Hi Bob – You are right. In our case it’s no problem, since we are exporting more than 60% of our goods. Anyway, we are still looking for foreign support if somebody is interested to work in our company.

  5. Roland Thomas says:

    Hi Bob, great reading your articles, I’m wanting to retire it philippines having been there several times and now aged 60 with small pension, I also plan to sell up here in England, so that will give me a reasonable sum in the bank, can You please tell me what to do first, set up bank account ??? Move , ??? Get visa ????? And any information on transferring my savings to philli bank ??? Thanks Roland

    • Bob Martin says:

      Hello Roland – I would not recommend that you transfer all of your money to the Philippines. Keep your bank accounts in the UK open, and keep the bulk of your money there. When you come to the Philippines, bring enough money to get yourself started, and open a bank account after you arrive here. Then, just transfer money to your Philippine account on a month to month basis, as you need it.

    • Hi Bob Martin,
      Would like to share ideas to Roland, would you allow me?


  6. Roland Thomas says:

    Hi Bob, good site and very usefull, can you please help me , I have a small pension and in 5years get also my state pension , plus I intend to sell up here in UK , so I will have an income and a pot behind me, I’ve been to philippines several times now and love the place and the people, I want to know what to do first , ?? Move there ?? Open bank account ?? Get visa ?? Rent a property ???? I know all things need doing ?? But it’s just putting them in order , and is it best to leave some money in a UK bank ??? Cheers Roland

  7. Roland Thomas says:

    Hi Bob ! Sorry ??? I did not see your reply ?? Thanks again

  8. Roland Thomas says:

    hi Bob , any advice on which banks to use ?? I’m in UK cheers Roland

    • Bob Martin says:

      Hi Roland – I am not certain if you are asking which bank to use in the UK or in the Philippines… I don’t know about UK banks, so I will assume it is the Philippines you are asking about. I don’t have any certain bank recommendation here. I suppose I would go with either Union Bank, which I use, or BDO, which I have heard good talk about.

      • Hello Bob,

        Nice to read tour blog.I intend to stay 3 weeks in Davao,Could you please indicate me a good hotel around 50 dol with a swimming pool?
        thank you in advance,
        friendly yours,
        Michel (Paris, France)

  9. Hello Bob,

    I’m 60 years old retired two years ago, living in Canada. Is it possible for me if I decide to go live in Phillipines to do so? Sorry for my English I’m french Canadian.
    I work 40 years for the Canadian Governement so my pension is not that bad. I visit Philippines more than 10 times and was married to a Filipina for 12 years.

    Thank you for your answer
    PS: If you need more information about me or my ex wife do not hesitate.

  10. Joe Hobson says:

    Hi Bob,
    I am 60 year old US citizen from Washington State. I have been married to my Filipina bride for 28 years now. I have worked in union construction for 33 years (pipefitter) and have 3 pensions to draw from soon equaling about $5000 and month. My wife is from the island of Marinduque in southern tagalog. I am considering spending approximately 2-3 winter months per year in the Philippines as I still work during the spring, summer and fall months in the US and Canada. Do I need any kind of special visa? Also, do you think that it would be better for us to rent a place or buy a place? My wife is now a naturalized US citizen. Thanks for you help

    • Bob Martin says:

      Hi Joe – Everything you describe sounds good. Here is what I would recommend that you do:

      1. Your wife should apply for Philippine Dual Citizenship. With that, she can be a citizen of both the USA and the Philippines. It is cheap and easy to do, and will give you some benefits in that you will be traveling back and forth. Doing this will not affect her US citizenship in any way.

      2. The Visa is no problem. When you enter the Philippines with your wife (your wife must be with you) ask for a Balikbayan Stamp in your passport. This will allow you up to 1 year of stay in the Philippines for no cost, no hassle. If you are entering without your wife, just get a 21 day tourist visa, which can be extended for up to 16 months in the Philippines. There will be a cost at each renewal, though, between $75 to $150 depending on which renewal. The first time you renew it will bring you up to 59 days stay from the original 21. Subsequently, each additional renewal will allow you an additional 59 days.

      3. With pensions totaling $5k/month you will be living a very nice lifestyle in the Philippines. Money will be no problem.

      4. Personally, I highly recommend renting a place instead of buying. If you have been here a few months for 3 or 4 years, at that time you will have a better feel for the Philippines, and at that time you can make a final decision between renting or buying and what is right for your situation. Give yourself enough time to decide, though, if you really like living here (a lot of people decide they don’t like it here), and also whether one certain area is right for you.

      I also recommend that you start reading my other website: Live in the Philippines – to get a better perspective on what it is like to live here as a foreigner.

      Good luck!

  11. Hello Bob,
    I understand that I can purchase a condo in Philippines as long as foreign ownership is 40% or less. My question is. What is a safe way to purchase a condo in philippines. Meaning do I come first open a bank account at say BDO and slowly start transfering money till I get the amount needed for purchase or do I somehow do a wire transfer directly to the condo company. Any and all help greatly appreciated. I am considering buying one condo maybe to live in at first then possibly having it rented out by a property manager and move on from there in an effort to increase my monthly income.

    • Bob Martin says:

      Hi Eric – I personally would not wire the money directly to the condo company. To me, I would prefer to wire the money to myself in the Philippines (open that bank account), then pay the money personally to the condo company. I don’t know why, but I think I would feel a little safer that way. It would probably be OK either way, though.

      Good luck to you.

  12. keith quick says:

    Hi Bob, I just found your website today. I have read a lot of the past posts ,and now i have a pretty good idea of where to look for things.,My wife and i will be celebrating our 30th anniversary this coming April, and i have booked a trip there ,i am a Navy vet ,and myself nor my wife have been home in over 30yrs. I am planning to stay 3 weeks we will be traveling to Palawan for a week while there..I am on ss disability and a veterans dis., my wife has 5 years until she can fully retire,. I would like to maximize our effort and stay there,and look for opportunities, for retirement, I know that i don’t want to stay in Luzon. but Palawan looks really nice to me, my wife has a distant cousin there , so I know we will have some help while there.But I am a little nervous.My mother-in-law tells me not to go there, but for me i am looking for a way out, the US is looking dimmer by the year. my children and grandchildren all live here ., so we would be on a part time basis 6 to 8 months on and off ,.would a B&B or a pig farm be a good side business there? I have a brother in law in Luzon that would befit from some help.thanks for your help . i have several questions but this is a start.

    • Bob Martin says:

      Hi Keith – I wish you the very best in your quest to find what is right for you – both living wise and business wise. No need to be nervous about coming here for a visit!

      As far as what kind of business you should pursue, only you can decide what is right for you. However, my suggestion would be to not even think about that until you have been here in the Philippines for a couple of years. You said yourself that you have not been in the Philippines for 30+ years, and that makes it practically a totally new place to you. Because of that, you need to familiarize yourself with the place and determine what businesses are needed here before you start putting something in the works.

      Good luck!

  13. Hello Bob , I am planning to visit for two months soon. I am looking for a small beach home to rent for two months in Palawan. I have been told you can rent a house for less than 400.00 US dollars there. Is this true ? Do you know of any simple homes to rent in beach communities ?

    • Bob Martin says:

      Hi Mark – I don’t know about prices in Palawan, but here in Davao where I live it would be possible to rent a house at that price. Palawan should be considerably cheaper than Davao, so I don’t think it would be any problem there. Enjoy your visit!

  14. thanks for the good info bob.

  15. hi bob,

    please email the newsletter to me.

    thanks to you.

  16. Aurora D. says:

    Hi Bob,
    I was born and race in the Philippines but I was naturalized US citizen at birth so as my husband. My husband came to the US in 1970 and I came 1971 now we are both retired and we are both receiving a small pension. My husband wants to live in the Philippines and he encourage me to live there. We have two children and one is married and the other one still single. My children agreed us to live there and they will stay here in the US but I’m afraid to live in the Philippines cause we have no knowledge how to buy a property over there as far as I know if you are US citizen you can’t owned a property in the Philippines and I’m worried about the medical over there cause here in the US we both got a better health care service. Please help I need your advise.

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Aurora – You are right, only Philippine citizens can purchase land here in the Philippines. However, since you were a Philippine citizen before, you can apply for Philippine Dual Citizenship, and be a US and a Philippine Citizen at the same time, then you can own land here.

      I am sorry, I disagree that there is better health care service in the USA. I have lived in the Philippines for 13 years now, after living my first 38 years in the USA. I feel that the health care here is excellent, and also inexpensive. I had a stroke in 2001 and was hospitalized for 2 weeks. I got excellent care, and was very happy.

      Good luck, Aurora.

  17. Hi Bob,

    I subcontract for a telecom business designing fiber optic systems. I work from ‘home’ in my business, and ‘home’ can be anywhere in the world- with a good internet connection. I make good money- on average of $6K to $8K US per month. Currently I am traveling the US in a motorhome- park it for a few weeks in one spot and work 5 to 8 hours a day and relax and enjoy the area till it’s time to pack up and move down the road a bit (Right now I’m right outside Yellowstone working!).

    I would like to go a bit more ‘international’ from where I work… meaning parking the rig, jump on a flight and work from the Philippines (again, just need that internet connection) for a few months. How reliable are internet connections in fair sized cities? Should I rent a house and use it a base for travel when not working? Stay at a Resorts (seems a lot more expensive)?

    Would also love to have some sort of… well, travel companionship too (nothing crass, more of a loyal live in/take along tour guide or advisor as I see the sights). Right now I am 100% self reliant on the road- but the idea of being pampered while I work and travel is appealing.



    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Paul – What you describe is very easily done here. If you stay in larger city areas the Internet should be good enough for what you want. Heck, I am doing business over the net from here, have been for 13 years, and it all works great for me, so I am sure it will be adequate for your needs too.

      As for the “travel companion” part… well, that won’t be any problem at all here either. If you make your wishes known, you will have girls literally lining up for the opportunity. Who knows, it might develop into something that will keep you living here, or perhaps bringing somebody back to the States with you.

      In short, I don’t see any problems at all with what you have in mind. Good luck.

  18. Thanks a ton, Bob.

    Glad to know that I can work and vacation/travel in the Philippines. I spent a year living in South Korea 20 years ago, and have travelled to a few 3rd world countries since, so I have some experience in how to manage expectations and deal with language barriers.

    On a side note- I find one common thread among most developing countries; the more rural or provincial the people, the more kind and hospitable they tend to be!

    I have a few more months at the least to complete my working tour of the states. After that? Love to stop in and buy you a few rounds of your favorite cold beverage!

    All the best!

    Paul H

  19. Hi Bob,

    Do you have a pro-forma on how the tax computation is being made for US citizens who is also a dual citizen in the Philippines?

    I just want to see how it is in terms of US taxation when you earned your income in the Philippines which is also being taxed by the Philippine Government.

    Thank you.


    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Oscar – If you are living in the Philippines and earning money from the Philippine economy, you will pay both US and Philippine taxes. Your US taxes will be at the same rate as you would pay if you live in the USA, except that you can likely deduct your Philippine Income Tax paid, or at least part of it.

  20. Magadang araw po Bob:
    I am an American who is learning Tagalog and will learn Bisayan too in hopes of coming to the Philippines. My plan is to retire to a sailboat.. I love to sail. I was curious if you knew anything about the yachties and sea gypsies living in the Philippines. I am looking to go with the SRRV visa in few years as I will qualify age wise next year but I need the 20K for the PRA deposit. Do you know of any others in your part of the Philippines doing that?

    Maraming salamat po!!!

    • MindanaoBob says:

      Hi Scott – I had a good friend who was a world sailboat traveler, unfortunately she recently died, though. I am sorry, I know nothing about sailing, though.

      I do have a friend who lives here in Davao and has an SRRV visa.

  21. Bob , do you have information on professional designations or governing bodies that grant license to practice your given profession .
    How difficult would it be for me as a Canadian dentist to associate with a Filipino dentist in Cebu , and maintain a home there for part of the year ?
    I would love to get some information on that aspect , as I am planning a trip there soon . I will order your book .


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